the book YDRAL  

 or the incredible story 

 of Anatole Lardy's engine 

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Make no mistake, this book is about the passion, passion and dream … Of the material also, of the scrap metal as saying some people.

It is the alchemy which connects the inventor, Anatole Lardy, to his admirers, in the sound of the powerful vibrations of his 2 strokes, mythical engines of the post-war years.

It is of course the family saga, the smells and the noises of the factory, the strong characters which are going to develop the company; day after day they will improve and produce this wonderful and fascinating engines.

The excitement of the races is sometimes at its maximum, the pilots face all the challenges, because they like and defend the colors of their idol:  the brand Ydral.

Finally, it is the discovery of a club of enthusiasts whose work allow the preservation of these French heritage of the 50s and keep the memory of Anatole Lardy always alive.

Catherine-Sophie Bouillard


Books devoted to the major brands of French motorcycles are unfortunately very rare and the beautiful and great adventure of the Ydral in these tumultuous post-war years, was worth telling. It traces a whole part of our history that is recent, and yet almost unknown. This has been achieved by the talented granddaughter of the builder of these engines, Catherine-Sophie Bouillard.  

François-Marie Dumas

Journalist, director of the website.


Books on the old motorcycle, it does not come out a lot. But books on a vanished brand written by the founder's granddaughter are even rarer.

The fantastic industrial and family saga - her own - that she tells plunges us into the world of the motorcycle of the 1950s. assemblers. It exhaustively lists the more than 60 brands that have equipped their Ydral machines with more than 200 rich pages of 750 documents and photos.

We must hurry the book is printed in 1000 copies.

Have fun

François Arsène

La Vie de la Moto